Welcome to # Gay Portland chat, info site of Oregon chat  channel #GayPortland, residing on EFnet, IRC (  Internet Relay Chat  )  where the channel has lived a curious life for many years.  We maintain # Gay Portland for the pleasure of LGBT and queer  chatters in Portland, the Northwest, the West Coast, and the world, without the annoyance, insult, and anti-aesthetic of ads, monetary charges & corporate ownership, nor  the impulse to herd toward the cliffs of mediocrity.         
 If you are new to  IRC and want to postpone the learning curves (from mild to sharp) , simply use the keen webchat portal with NO download required, by  clicking on the " Chat " button below, or the EFnet Portal link above,  for quick  connection to # Gay Portland.   To tap the full potential of IRC you will want a chat client, such as mIRC , KVirc, Trillian,  Chatzilla; and if you run Unix/GNU the likes of BitchX or Xchat.  Mac clients include Snak, X-Chat Aqua, and Colloquy.   Some are still free, and others have a registration charge.  A quick web-search for IRC chat will bring you a variety of clients.  If you have trouble connecting, most anyone on # gay portland will be happy to assist you:)

        Chat guidelines are pretty simple:  We have taken measures to provide a reasonably secure public house that encourages diversity and freedom of expression, with low tolerance for attacks, hate mongers, proselytizing, incessant witless yammering, abject fools.... You get the picture. Channel administration believes that government exists, in part, to protect the minority from the tyranny of the majority. Channel administration also believes in enlightened despotism:)  If you require assistance at any time, please message a channel op to address your concerns, or drop an email to the admins

        So, what was once the original is now an alternative. Welcome to the alternative.  "Without contraries is no progression."   Wm. Blake

Have fun in the sandbox!

p00ky & da gang on #GayPortland

# Gay Portland !....  Better than Tiramisu,
& now with half the calories!!

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